About us

Pricer.lt is an independent portal for comparison of prices and rational consumption, in which offers of stores are presented, and buyers can objectively compare and choose the best offers.

- We work for the benefit of Lithuanian society, so that everyone gets the best combination of quality and price.

- If you want to purchase the goods you are interested in, we suggest using the Pricer.lt portal to find the best price or seller and save! *

- On the Pricer.lt platform, users can find perfumes, gardening tools, laptops, TVs and food, in short, everything you can buy in Lithuanian stores. *

- The catalog of products is constantly updated, providing detailed product descriptions, photographs and a list of shops where you can buy the product you need.

- For convenience, customers are provided with comments and feedback from other buyers on products, videos, analytical articles in selected categories with practical advice.

- Products are not sold on Pricer.lt. We only collect and present on the portal Pricer.lt offers and prices of goods from popular stores in Lithuania and other countries. To buy a product you like, you can click on the link to the selected store and buy goods in the store.

- Pricer.lt is not responsible for the information provided on the portal about the goods and their prices. Information is updated automatically 1-4 times a day and may differ from the information provided in stores. The information provided in the stores is considered valid, indisputable and final.