Wars of Lithuania

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A presentation of systematised factual information and statistical data on Lithuania's national war experience in the nineteenth and tvventieth centuries. In the centre of attention are four wars that were fought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries under the Lithuanian flag: the 1830-1831 and 1863-1864 Uprisings, the 1919-1920 Lithuanian Warof Liberation and the 1944-1953 Lithuanian Partisan VVaragainst the Soviet Union. The accumulation and generalization of factual information and statistical data was done by employing and correspondingly adapting the methodology and techniąues of the Correlates of War project, a quantitative study of the history of warfare that was begun in the United States in 1963 and is still being carried out. The first chapter, vvhich is devoted to the 1830-1831 Uprising, was prepared by Dr Virgilijus Pugačiauskas, vvho is exploring the problems of nineteenth century Lithuanian history, and has studied the impact of Napoleon's 1812 march into Russia on Lithuania. The author of the second chapter, vvhich examines the 1863-1864 Uprising, is Dr Ieva Šenavičienė. Dr Senavičienė has been researching the Lithuanian side of the 1863-1864 Uprising in both Lithuanian and foreign archives since 2004. She has published a number of vvorks on the subject of the uprising, including a monograph and numerous scientific articles and source publications. The third chapter is dedicated to the 1919-1920 Lithuanian War of Liberation. The author of this chapter, Dr Gintautas Surgailis, is the editor-in-chief of Karo archyvas (War Archive), a leading journal on Lithuanian military history. Dr Surgailis has also vvritten numerous monographs on the history of the Lithuanian armed forces during the intervvar period. Edita Jankauskienė vvrote the fourth chapter, which deals with the Lithuanian Partisan VVar against the Soviet Union. The author has been working atthe Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania since 1996, where she is researching anti-Soviet resistance in Lithuania and has accumulated considerable experience on the topic of the Lithuanian Partisan War. The book was edited by Dr Gediminas Vitkus, a professor at the Military Academy of Lithuania and the Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science.

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