Nikon Coolpix A10 Kit (Black)

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€ 93.00
15.07.2020 B
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Nikon Coolpix A10 Kit Nikon Coolpix A10 Kit € 93.00 15.07.2020
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With its easy and intuitive COOLPIX A10 gives a lot of fun while taking great pictures.Comfortable grip and ergonomic button layout ensures ease of use. NIKKOR 5x zoom lens is ideal for both close-up face and wide-angle group. LCD display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches (6.7 cm) makes it easy to crop, and the function Auto Selector selects the scene mode that best suits the shooting conditions. One press of the button to start recording HD video and blur reduction function reduces the effect of camera shake, allowing you to get clear videos and images. An additional advantage is the power AA batteries - available in every corner of the world. With the COOLPIX A10 camera with a sensor resolution of 16.1 million pixels easily capture important moments.EASE OF USE AND RESOLUTION 16.1 MILLION PIXELThanks to the ease of use and unique sensor with a resolution of 16.1 million pixels capture the best images with high resolution gives you a lot of fun.COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND SYSTEM BUTTONSConvenient handle allows hold the camera steady, making photos more crisp, and clear and functional button layout provides exceptional ease of use.NIKKOR 5x zoom lensVersatile NIKKOR 5x zoom lens (equivalent range of 26-130 mm format małoobrazkowym) is ideal for both wide-angle group, as well as close-ups of distant subjects - without the risk of obtaining blurred images.LCD TFT screen with a resolution of around 230 000 POINTS AND 2.7-inch (6.7 CM)Large and bright LCD display for easy framing during shooting and shooting, and provides a clear picture when viewing shots.AUTO SELECT PROGRAMAuto Selector simplifies shooting by automatically choosing the most appropriate scene, such as Landscape, Night Portrait and Macro. The camera offers 15 scene modes that can be chosen according to the shooting conditions. Each program optimizes camera settings for the best possible exposure in a given situation, allowing you to get great photos even under difficult conditions.HD video recording (720p)Capture fun moments spent with friends and family by recording HD movies, which can be easily activated by a dedicated button.DILUTION REDUCTIONShooting moving subjects such as children or pets? With blur reduction, eliminating the effects of camera shake and moving subjects, you get clearer images.SPECIAL EFFECTSAppearance of pictures can be adjusted by using different effects, such as Mirror (call on one photo of the subject and its mirror image), selective color (distinction of the selected color to a monochrome picture) or Monochrome high contrast (the creation of this distinctive mood). Be inventive in their photographic expression.QUICK RESULTSDo you want to change the look of a captured image? The camera offers a feature Quick effects, including effects such as Fish-eye, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect and patching that will make your photos a unique look.PORTRAIT MODE INTELLIGENTWith automated processes, smart portrait mode easily make perfect portraits. The trigger smile takes the shot when your chosen subject smiles, and Blink detection displays a warning message if the subject blinked so that you can immediately take another attempt to capture the image without previewing. Thanks to the effect of softening the skin, improved face detection and more effective determination of exposure for skin tones is possible to achieve perfect portraits every time.Light weight, compact dimensions and power supply AA batteriesWith a weight of only 160 g and the compact dimensions of the camera you can carry in your pocket or bag. It is powered by AA batteries available in every corner of the world, and thus always ready to immortalize fleeting moments.Includes case for cameras Series LCase designed for Nikon COOLPIX L protects the camera from dust and scratches.

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