and... WE HAVE COMPARED: SOUR CREAM 2019/11/11

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Today we have taken initiative, which seems to be as topical as ever – TO PUBLICIZE THE PRICES OF GOODS, PRODUCTS and SERVICES
Providing consumers with clear information on the goods they need, especially for everyday consumption, irrespective of the marketing campaigns of the supermarkets, is a necessary element for the existence of the free market.
We have named our publicity campaign: "and... WE HAVE COMPARED" and we hope users will find it helpful...

SOUR CREAM 2019/11/11

We compared in supermarkets Rimi, Maxima, Iki, Norfa, Lidl:

The cheapest sour cream 30% fat 400 g:

The cheapest Lithuania sour cream 30% fat 400 g:

Sour cream Dvaro:

Sour cream Rikiškio naminė:

Sour cream Žemaitijos natūrali:

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You can find the RULES FOR PRICE COMPARISON OF THE PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN in the Lithuanian language here:: << and... WE HAVE COMPARED  >>

Beginning of the campaign history “a ... WE COMPARED” PRICES FOR GOODS AND SERVICES

Some sellers decided to remember that they were the only "price leaders", other sellers compared and decided that buying from them is more profitable. With this intense advertising, some supermarkets hope to influence uninformed consumers who are burdened with everyday worries and have virtually no time for critical analysis.
Against this backdrop, the team has launched an advertising campaign “a ... WE COMPARED” for GOODS and SERVICES

#Maxima #Iki #Norfa #Rimi #Lidl #Kaina #Palyginome #SourCream

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Selection of sour cream, prices, places of sale

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